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I am taking all of my experience in government, community work, owning a small business, and being a parent to the State Capitol to advocate for the people. Our representatives should represent US. Real people. Not party platforms.

I have worked for local government all the way up to the Federal government. I gladly listen to and work with everyone. Using common sense and technology know-how, I’ve implemented efficient solutions wherever possible.

I was born outside Washington, DC while my dad (a Marine) was serving our nation at the Pentagon. My three older brothers all served our nation in the US Marine Corps as well. I have always been driven to serve others. From my first job delivering the newspaper when I was 8 years old, to providing guidance to the next generation of kids and leaders (as a counselor and advisor), to creating memorable events for my community, to providing needed rides for my neighbors in my electric vehicle, to volunteering at my kids’ neighborhood schools.

And now I want to take it up a notch, and serve even more people.