Committed to Community

How to say my name: “Comma La”

Hello friends, neighbors, and fellow Coloradans,

As a resident of Roxborough, I have actively given back to the community however I can. For the last 4 years, I’ve organized Family Movie Nights for parents to spend time with their kids and get to know their neighbors.

I support our schools by designing and selling Roxborough logo gear to help raise funds and promote a sense of pride in our schools as well as our community.

As an Uber driver, I’ve enjoyed getting to know countless members of our community while doing whatever is needed, whether that’s providing busy travelers transport to and from the airport, chauffeuring those of us with medical conditions, or serving as a designated driver.

As a mom to three amazing kids (a special needs son, a gifted daughter, and a bonus daughter from Norway), the education of students from all walks of life is very important to me. We must ensure our schools prepare our students for society’s ever-evolving job market. We must ensure all kids are prepared to be productive members of society.

As a tech nerd and innovation enthusiast, I advocate green energy solutions wherever practical. In our own daily lives, my family and I have replaced all our gas-powered vehicles and equipment with their electric counterparts.

As a graphic designer and editor, I notice all the little details that others tend to miss.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia—just outside our nation’s capital—I’ve always known that politics holds a principle role in my life. I attended school with Sununus and Gores. My mom worked for Senator Simpson. I have valuable experience working for and with government at all levels, all the way from local governing bodies to Federal agencies.

It’s time to serve the people of this district. I THRIVE on being able to serve my community, and I can’t wait to serve this district in the Colorado House in 2019!