Dear Friends and Family,

I realize it’s not the holidays,
And I’m reaching out a bit out of turn,
But there is something I wanted to share,
Something you might be interested to learn.

As you hopefully know about me,
I’m not one to gripe or complain.
I’ve decided to advocate for solutions
And have launched a political campaign.

I’m running for Colorado State House
Specifically, House District 39
And I need your help to reach out to those
In person, via mailings and online.

It is a very large district,
With many miles to cover
So many residents to meet,
So many places to discover.

I’m writing today to ask for your help
Across the US, and within Roxborough,
Will you consider following the link
And donating some of your dough?

(I wish it weren’t the case, and I
Don’t mean to be rude or funny,
But until we have publicly-funded elections,
campaigns cost a lot of money.)

Education for all of our learners,
Energy that’s renewable and clean,
And affordable healthcare access
Are my priorities in 2019.

Our system could use some help,
I don’t mean to knock it.
But we need representatives that
Answer to people, not deep pockets.

Thank you in advance for your support!
It truly means the world to me.
I will consider all sides, and serve
With honor, grace, and integrity.

With all the gratitude I can evoke,
My sincere thanks,

Kamala Vanderkolk


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