Endorsements tend to come from political organizations. While I certainly value such endorsements, it is the endorsement from the citizens of District 39 that mean the most to me.

Hi Kamala,
I have been thinking about our discussion this past weekend in Cripple Creek at the rodeo. I have also done some research on your opponent and find you are indeed our best choice. I hope being a Dem doesn’t hurt you. We would be happy to volunteer to help in any way we can. When you get a moment have who ever organizes that get in touch or send who we contact. Good luck in any case.
Best regards,
Bob & Judy, Florissant
I wish you every success, and I know you have seen the uphill battle you’re facing only too well.  Conservative candidates in this region can be elected if their breath can fog a mirror, and remember I am a conservative!  To shake things up, you’ll have my vote come that day.  Just be humble in your acceptance speech!
Charles, Larkspur


As official endorsements come in, I will update this page.

Sierra Club endorsed me on September 13, 2018.

Colorado Ceasefire endorsed me on May 2, 2018.