Top Issues

My top 3 priorities as Your Representative for House 39 are Education, Renewable Energy and Health Care.


It is our job to ensure that every student is educated and prepared to be a productive member of our 21st-century society.

My children inspired me to run for office to do what I can to make things better for their future. I believe in education for EVERYONE.
I have three kids, and their educational needs vary widely. My son has autism, and struggles in surprising ways that most kids take for granted. My daughter is gifted, and needs extra challenges to stay engaged. My exchange-student bonus daughter is learning in a second language, which in itself can be a huge challenge.
Not everyone is interested in a college education, and that is OK. High school vocational programs, trade schools, and community college must be part of our affordable, long-range education vision for Colorado.

Renewable Energy

The abundant sun and wind in Colorado need to be harnessed for a cleaner way forward.

Let’s lead the charge and continue to be one of the healthiest states in the nation. Electric cars and solar panels are becoming more efficient and more affordable every year.

The appetite for renewable energy has already taken hold around the world. Dozens of nations are already establishing gasoline-powered vehicle bans and 100% renewable energy goals. Colorado must not be left behind (in a brown smog cloud).

Health Care: The quality of your life matters.

Health insurance supplied by employers is not sustainable for our evolving workforce.
Small companies often struggle to compete with big companies for talented employees, in large part due to the cost of benefits and health insurance for employees. One-third of our workforce is made up of free-lancers part of the so-called “gig economy.” And that number grows every year.
We can shift to a single payer model to include the whole state of Colorado. This change would improve our quality of life. Enormous premiums are hurting everyone. We can do better!