Kamala Vanderkolk is a pro-active proponent of quality education for all. Growing up in the Washington D.C. area, Kamala went to integrated public schools where she experienced first-hand the benefits to her community of a fine education for all.

As the mother of a scholastically-gifted daughter, special-needs son, and hosting an exchange student from Norway, Kamala has experienced more than the normal share of working with Douglas County Schools to ensure that each of her children gets the best education possible; a benefit she will work hard to secure for all the families she will represent. She has also been very active in parent/teacher projects, organized activities to help boost school pride and been a successful fund raiser.

While Kamala is a staunch supporter of public schools, she recognizes the need for some charter schools within the district that will serve any student regardless of race, gender, religion, or disability. However, she believes that when a charter school accepts public funds, they must also accept and respect public policies of transparency regarding funding and administrative practices. She will not abide outsourcing traditional services such as janitorial, building maintenance and cafeteria services to companies whose only interest is profiting off taxes intended for education.

Kamala will also work to provide higher, affordable, education opportunities for all Coloradans. She knows that college and advanced degrees aren’t for everyone, and that they are not the only key to success. There are many great, well-paying jobs and careers in the world that are better served by going to vocational schools, having on-the-job training, and other potential possibilities. However, even these require money for advanced training and education.

Kamala is keenly aware that, as a mother, it will cost her a quarter of a million dollars for both of her kids to get a degree at state college (assuming current trends). As your representative, she wants to make sure that every investment in higher education is well worth the expense, and she will work hard to mitigate those expenses so parents and students are not saddled with a lifetime of debt.