Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is our future; it comes in the form of wind turbines, solar collectors, hydroelectric and geothermal generation, efficient bio-fuels and several other processes.

The advantage of Renewable Energy is that it makes the U.S. safer by not having to rely on oil from OPEC, Russia, Venezuela and other countries who do not have our best interests at heart. Renewables also provide hundreds-of-thousands of jobs that cannot be outsourced––many, many times more than coal. Renewable Energy also helps to keep our air and waterways clean, and even to prevent forest fires.

There is no downside to the development of Renewable Energy. Jobs that may be lost in fossil-fuel will be replaced a hundred-fold by jobs in the new energy sectors. Rural communities that may have oil and gas wells will be able to lease space to mega wind and solar farms. It will also help protect ground water while stabilizing the land and the income potential of the family farm or ranch.

Kamala Vanderkolk supports the development of Renewable Energy and the benefits it already brings, and will continue to bring, to all of Colorado, which has been a leader in renewables for decades. While her opponent denies the downside of the potential damage and national security threat of fossil fuels, Kamala embraces the new technology and has supported it for years by switching from gas-powered vehicles and even gardening accessories to all EVs and electric tools in her home.

Your vote for Kamala will help our state remain a leader in Renewable Energy and the jobs and security they bring, as well as the bright, clear future it will ensure for Colorado’s air, rivers, lakes and streams.