Rural Internet Access

Large cable and Internet companies have all but abandoned our vital rural communities, farms and businesses. In the 21st Century, it is essential that everyone have universal internet so kids in small mountain towns and across Colorado’s vast plains can access libraries and data from around the world, as well as receiving and sending school assignments and even taking tests. High Speed Internet (HSI) throughout the state will allow Coloradans to live where they want and how they want. HSI is essential to establish businesses outside our metropolitan areas, and to serve a national and even international clientele. It will expand business opportunities, enrich our cherished towns and small cities by maintaining and even growing populations outside the metro area. And it will benefit you, personally, by allowing you to live where you want to live, with the lifestyle you choose, while ensuring educational opportunities for your children and business advantages for yourself and your neighbors.

Your vote for Kamala Vanderkolk will help ensure that all Coloradans—rural, urban and suburban—will have access to HSI regardless of where you chose to live in our beautiful state.