Video: Modern Infrastructure

Across the country, rural towns are dying because of a lack of high-speed internet. Something that seemed like a perk 20 years ago is now necessary for so many. Just like with electrification and water, rural areas are often the last to get reliable service. I do not believe that everyone should get high speed internet for free, but that it should be accessible for all, the way that electricity and water are.

Colorado has recently made some strides to help the most rural communities, which is great. However, the rural parts of Douglas County and Teller are not considered rural enough to qualify for much of these improvements because of their proximity to larger cities.

Voters tell me that they have real problems running their businesses, or connecting with family, or completing state-mandated testing because the Internet service offered is so unreliable and overloaded. As more of our daily lives include the Internet, we need to ensure our communities are not left behind. Even our family, when searching for our forever home, had to factor in high-speed internet access so that my husband had the ability to work from home as required by his job. Several areas within rural Douglas County were crossed off our list because of this requirement.

For more information about modern infrastructure in our rural communities, check out my page regarding rural internet access.